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As one former MLB executive says, anyone who thinks Bud Selig is willing to walk away from a $20 million a year job to get into the Hall of Fame is kidding themselves. Haraz N. Ghanbari/AP As one former MLB executive says, anyone who thinks Bud Selig is willing to walk away from a $20 million a year job to get into the Hall of Fame is kidding themselves.Related Stories Ryan Madson in favor of players using HGH, under?doctor’s supervision, while rehabbing? At risk to own game, Bud Selig goes after juicers to clean up legacy Failing honesty, not drug test,?hurts michael kors bags for cheap MLB stars like Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun Alex Rodriguez undermined MLB drug policy if he purchased Biogenesis documents The Frank McCourt purging process is proceeding along nicely on schedule with a lineup of gazillionaires, including East Coast hedge fund exec Steven Cohen, the Guggenheim Partners and Joe Torre’s man, L.A. real-estate developer Rick Caruso, readying to take their turn at-bat in an April super auction to buy the Dodgers and restore them to financial viability.Some 400 miles north on the Pacific Coast Highway, a resolution allowing the Oakland A’s to move to San Jose is said to be imminent, according to numerous baseball sources. And then there is the new collective bargaining agreement, which assures labor peace through 2016, adds two more wild cards to the postseason mix and expands the drug program to include blood testing for human growth hormone.Yes, aside from the Mets mess, which the Wilpons continue to insist they will resolve themselves, and the Tampa Bay stadium dilemma, which is as much a product of the Florida economy as it is the intractable St. Pete bureaucrats, it appears Bud Selig will have cleared his plate of all the major issues looming over his legacy when his contract as commissioner expires at the end of this coming season.So, with barely 10 months supposedly left in his commissionership, why hasn’t there been a peep about forming a search committee for Selig’s successor? Heck, why hasn’t there been a single name floated in any media outlet as a likely successor to Selig?Perhaps that’s because there isn’t a single person in baseball who believes Selig, who turns 78 in July, is going anywhere any time soon ? despite his avowed intention of returning to his alma mater, the U. of Wisconsin, to teach the history of sports (where he would then truly fit the “Nutty Professor” moniker my Daily News colleague Bob Raissman bestowed on him). In fact, even Selig’s closest friends find laughable the notion of him walking away from a job that pays upwards of $20 million per year, along with the perks of a private jet, to teach sports history.“The fact is, even if Bud really wanted to retire, he can’t,” said one baseball exec who chuckled when I asked if there’d been any talk of a search committee being formed. “Right now, there isn’t anyone michael kors purse for cheap out there who could get the votes (necessary three-quarters of the Michael Kors Discount Bags owners). That’s the situation Bud has created.”Another former but still-plugged-in MLB exec similarly scoffed when it was suggested that another motivation for Selig to retire was his desire to get into the Hall of Fame while he can still smell the roses.“You’re telling me he’d walk away from $20 million a year because of the Hall of Fame? You’ve got to be kidding. That said, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he’s got his people working behind the scenes to get that retirement stipulation for the Hall waived in his case.”“This is a very divided group of new owners in the game, all of them with different agendas,” another MLB exec said. “They fall into line for Bud because he’s essentially one of them and has been on the job so long and has made a lot of money for them. But it’s really gonna be tough for the person who comes after him.”Or as Selig might say from the comfort of his French history class: Après moi, le déluge. In the meantime, in lieu of that announcement by MLB about the formation of a search committee for a new commissioner, expect Selig to announce shortly that he’s bending to pressure from the owners and signing on for a two-year extension that will enable him to shepherd the Mets, one of baseball’s signature franchises, out of the ruins of their financial morass, and also find some salvation for beleaguered Tampa Bay owner Stu Sternberg.ONE DUMB OWNERIt happens every January. Having watched patiently as all his peers found landing spots for their clients, Scott (Avenging Agent) Boras begins in earnest his pursuit of the One Dumb Owner who will meet his exorbitant asking price for his prize chattel.And, as most recently witnessed by the Yankees with Rafael Soriano last year and the St. Louis Cardinals with Matt Holliday two years ago, Boras, in the end, usually prevails. Nevertheless, with the plethora of Boras clients ? from Prince Fielder, Ryan Madson and Edwin Jackson to Johnny Damon, Jason Varitek and Rick Ankiel ? still out there waiting for their first or last big payday, this winter is shaping up as his biggest challenge.The Fielder situation is especially intriguing. Once 31-(?)-year old Albert Pujols got his 10-year, $240 million windfall from the Angels, it was assumed that Fielder, at 27 and seemingly entering michael kors stores his prime, would do likewise.It appears, however, that Fielder’s 265-pound girth has been a sufficient deterrent for Boras to get an equally market-setting, long-term deal, as all the big first baseman’s rumored suitors, the Texas Rangers, Florida Marlins, Chicago Cubs and Washington Nationals, have at least publicly expressed a disinclination to get into an investment of that magnitude.No doubt, Boras is waiting and hoping the Rangers cannot come to a financial agreement with Japanese cheap dr dre beats pitching prodigy Yu Darvish, leaving them with an extra $100 million or so in their coffers to spend.Most curiously last week, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel quoted MLB sources as saying the Nationals had become the frontrunners for Fielder ? just a couple of days after Nats GM Mike Rizzo insisted on MLB radio they were fully prepared to go with their incumbent, Adam LaRoche, at first base and that it would take “extraordinary circumstances” for them to enter the Fielder sweepstakes.That was interpreted by many as Rizzo wanting to supplement his young starting pitching with a top flight defensive infield. In addition Rizzo recognizes the Nationals’ biggest need is a center fielder/leadoff man and wants to hold payroll space for next year when Michael Bourn (another Boras client) hits the market. Could it be that Nationals owner Ted Lerner, undeterred by the $126 million Boras cajoled him out of for Jayson Werth that earned him “One Dumb Owner” honors a year ago, has interceded here and told Rizzo to pursue Fielder?This bears close watching in the days ahead as the Nationals appear to be the only team with the need, the financial resources and the relationship with Boras to sign Fielder to the kind of contract he’s looking for.Madson is a similar case. Once it was (erroneously) leaked that the Phillies had agreed to four-year, $44 million deal to retain Madson as their closer, Boras’ market for the 31-year-old righty was established. Since then, after the Phillies left Boras and Madson at the altar and signed Jonathan Papelbon for four years, $50 million, six teams ? the Red Sox, Blue Jays, Padres, Mets, Marlins and Rangers ? all filled their closer needs for far less, while the cheap beats by dre solo Reds are said to be about to fill theirs by re-signing Francisco Cordero. If that happens, Boras is going to be hard-pressed to find Madson a suitable long-term deal.

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