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Spring officially arrives with the vernal equinox on Friday. Transportation Alternatives, a pro-bicycle group, suggests getting your bike tuned up now so you'll be ready to roll with the warmer weather."If people are not regular cyclists, they should take their bike to a shop for a spring tuneup," says Noah Budnick, 25, the Bags Accessories organization's projects director. Pros will adjust and check brakes, gears and wheel for $35 Bags Sale Uk to $50. That price goes up if you need to replace parts, such as brake pads and chains, which wear out fastest.Transportation Alternatives Fossil Shop Online advises michael kors cross body bags Big Cross Body Handbags you to heed these rules of the road.Ride with traffic and obey traffic laws. "Bikes are Hidesign Bags Online Shopping subject to all the same traffic laws as cars," says Budnick.Don't ride on sidewalks. "That includes from your door to the corner," he warns. "You can be fined $100 to $500."Yield to pedestrians and ride courteously.

Posted 1 year 9 months ago