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Leaving Paris

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About Me: 
First I'm a fan of Deftones from the beginning. I knew their music with the video-clip of "Bored". It was in 1995. In France we could only watch on TV such type of music late in the night. Then came "bored" and this fucking awesome video-clip. It was just what we were waiting for in this time... I was just like the people we can see in the video-clip, first being curious and asking me "what is this sound?", and then stayed focus on and asking for more! So I have to say THANK YOU Deftones for all the things you've brought and you're still bringing to the music. You're getting better and better at each new album. Chino Moreno is one of the best inspired singer I've ever heard, putting a melody and a grain of voice on deepest emotion and smash any heart away... I've learned a lot in music thanks to you guys! I became the musician I am today in a part thanks to you. Now I've got my own band where I sing in. it's called <a href="" target="_blank">LEAVING PARIS </a> You will find everything you would like to know about it on this profile (photo, video and music). ENJOY! P.S: DEFTONES, WE WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU! More than a honnor, more than a dream...
Leaving Paris