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This Is A Three-Card Spread Based On The Major Arcana,
Structured In A Past/Present/Future Layout.
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  • WFWU
    Card Four
    The Emperor

    The Emperor is a force of paternal guidance and structured authority, counseling you to approach your goals methodically and with discipline. With decisive strategy comes decisive success.

    Know that while the paternal nature of The Emperor guides you to foster logic, discipline, and honor, there is danger in remaining too inflexible to adapt to life’s inevitable surprises. His greatest wish is to provide a secure foundation for his Kingdom’s measured growth, but without the empathetic balance of The Empress, he can enforce growth coldly and without compassion. Too much of anything is a burden, and so we are cautioned against rigid, stubborn mindsets that render us incapable of adapting to the elements around us.

    Remember, creating order in life simply for order’s sake leaves us constrained by loveless logic; rather we should seek logical order that adapts to our needs. Take measure of your resources and capabilities, and create a foundation for growth that will serve the life of your kingdom.

  • QKLX
    Card fifteen
    The Devil

    The Devil often represents negative forces that prevent you from embracing your best self, both from within and without. Common embodiments of this cycle are unhealthy relationships, dependencies, bad habits and any behaviors that are detrimental to yourself and those around you. This imbalance may leave you feeling trapped in a cycle of highs and lows, perpetually chasing quick fixes while never truly addressing the root of unhappiness or pain that exists beneath the surface.

    When this card shows itself, know that it is a sign to slow down and self-reflect; there is power in identifying where your personal growth has been stunted. This self-awareness will become a powerful tool for restoration, and provide a sense of balance that can act as a foundation for growth, if not total harmony. Examine what is in your nature that creates discomfort and pain, and let that knowledge serve you in righting your relationship with yourself.

  • DOFG
    Card twenty

    Heed the call of Judgement, for it signifies that the time is right for reflection, evaluation, and action. We are reminded that our choices compound, and each time we make a key life decision, the course of our journey is shifted permanently. Now is a time where those choices catch up with us and we are called by Judgement to take stock, reflect, and gain closure.

    Know that mourning lost opportunity is healthy and necessary for closure. This is a valid part of self-reflection and processing your journey. Committing to self-actualized change and growth promises a more fulfilling life, and the rewards are always worth the process.

    This card also cautions you to answer Judgement’s call with foresight. Avoid mistaking the desires of society or those around you for a true call by taking time to self-reflect in the silence of the Self.