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Focus Inward And Draw Your Cards

This Is A Three-Card Spread Based On The Major Arcana,
Structured In A Past/Present/Future Layout.
Peer Into Your Fate…
  • MROH
    Card zero
    The Fool

    When The Fool visits you, know that it is a sign to embrace an opportunity with enthusiasm and optimism. The Fool calls for courage and trust in yourself, both of which must be well-rooted before you can take a leap of faith and begin a new journey. This card often represents new opportunities within your career or relationships, but can also be a guide when you find yourself unable to choose a path where many are available.

    You may be caught at a crossroads, unable to see what lies ahead, and so you are left frozen in indecision. Drawing The Fool encourages you to take a deep breath and trust your foundational self; you may not be able to see the end of each road ahead, but the destination is only part of the journey. Choose a road that sparks your curiosity and forge ahead armed with the constructive feelings of anticipation, wonder, and awe.

    Know that The Fool is not guided by cold universal logic, but rather by curiosity and optimism within. Allow yourself to embrace your inner wonder and imagination, and if you are devoid of these feelings, The Fool counsels you to rediscover and reconnect with them.

  • NGPU
    Card twenty one
    The World

    The World is a powerful symbol of completion, fulfillment, and accomplishment. Through your actions and efforts, you’ve built a reality where your goal is complete and your heart and mind are unified. Now it is time to walk confidently and let the harmony of the world ring through you.

    This card could be indicative of the completion of a major project, life event, or goal. Whatever the cause, it has an incredibly powerful effect on your self-perception and confidence, as it should. Know that you are counseled to reflect on your accomplishment and encouraged to celebrate it. Once you are centered and one with yourself, your constructive energies can be directed outwards, making the world a better place.

    The World also cautions you to avoid a false sense of security when embracing the oneness it signifies. In our human lives, the total completion represented by The World is never permanently achieved, rather it is a wholeness achieved intermittently throughout the cycle of life as we continually grow and change.

  • WRXP
    Card twelve
    The Hanged Man

    The Hanged Man dangles upside-down from a great tree, looking down at the world from an unorthodox perspective. Within him is a peace and understanding that can only be obtained through overcoming great personal challenges. Though he may be judged a fool by society, he is wholly confident in his actions.

    Be true to yourself and let your actions/decisions confidently hang from your deeply rooted self-awareness. Do not put more stock into the expectations of others than what you believe to be right. Only when you value your perspective will you know when and what to sacrifice to achieve your goals.

    This card also cautions against rationalizing damaging behaviors and habits. Ask yourself: are you warping your perception of self as justification to act out or fulfill a detrimental, carnal desire?