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Focus Inward And Draw Your Cards

This Is A Three-Card Spread Based On The Major Arcana,
Structured In A Past/Present/Future Layout.
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  • UZDQ
    Card six
    The Lovers

    The Lovers symbolize a significant union of opposing forces, and tend to show themselves when matters of trust, unity, and harmony are at hand. This could be in regards to a relationship with another, with the self, or with a decision that impacts either of these. Drawing The Lovers can indicate that a relationship in question - whether rooted in romantic feelings, friendship, or professional partnership - is strong and will serve you both well as long as it is mutually maintained.

    The Lovers counsel that, above all, you should be true to yourself. Only once you are unified internally can you be truly authentic to those with whom you share a relationship. Fostering an environment of trust provides confidence and strength for both parties, empowering each of you to reach your full potential, in autonomy and unity alike.

    In a more abstract sense, drawing this card can represent the concept of choice itself, often between things that are opposing and yet mutually exclusive. Focus inward and think deeply about the subject while being true to yourself. An important decision is at hand.

  • NGPU
    Card twenty one
    The World

    The World is a powerful symbol of completion, fulfillment, and accomplishment. Through your actions and efforts, you’ve built a reality where your goal is complete and your heart and mind are unified. Now it is time to walk confidently and let the harmony of the world ring through you.

    This card could be indicative of the completion of a major project, life event, or goal. Whatever the cause, it has an incredibly powerful effect on your self-perception and confidence, as it should. Know that you are counseled to reflect on your accomplishment and encouraged to celebrate it. Once you are centered and one with yourself, your constructive energies can be directed outwards, making the world a better place.

    The World also cautions you to avoid a false sense of security when embracing the oneness it signifies. In our human lives, the total completion represented by The World is never permanently achieved, rather it is a wholeness achieved intermittently throughout the cycle of life as we continually grow and change.

  • WFWU
    Card Four
    The Emperor

    The Emperor is a force of paternal guidance and structured authority, counseling you to approach your goals methodically and with discipline. With decisive strategy comes decisive success.

    Know that while the paternal nature of The Emperor guides you to foster logic, discipline, and honor, there is danger in remaining too inflexible to adapt to life’s inevitable surprises. His greatest wish is to provide a secure foundation for his Kingdom’s measured growth, but without the empathetic balance of The Empress, he can enforce growth coldly and without compassion. Too much of anything is a burden, and so we are cautioned against rigid, stubborn mindsets that render us incapable of adapting to the elements around us.

    Remember, creating order in life simply for order’s sake leaves us constrained by loveless logic; rather we should seek logical order that adapts to our needs. Take measure of your resources and capabilities, and create a foundation for growth that will serve the life of your kingdom.