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Focus Inward And Draw Your Cards

This Is A Three-Card Spread Based On The Major Arcana,
Structured In A Past/Present/Future Layout.
Peer Into Your Fate…
  • HVGJ
    Card two
    The High Priestess

    The High Priestess is a muse of intuition, mystery, and spiritual understanding that serves as counsel between spirituality and the Self - sometimes referred to as your ‘inner voice’. She exists in the realm of duality - the place where opposing forces meet and find balance - representing the culmination of experience and self-awareness that provides each of us a willingness to understand conflicting ideals.

    Drawing this card counsels emotional awareness and balance between the forces at work in your life. This could be within a relationship, a work-life balance, or an idealistic balance. The High Priestess also cautions against blind faith, guiding you to accept the wisdom and energy others offer with thoughtfulness and foresight. Blind faith in anything is a risky endeavor that often leads to an imbalance within the Self.

  • ONSV
    Card Thirteen

    Death is the universal conclusion for all living things; a great equalizer and balancing force within the universe, and yet it is also the beginning of new life. This card does not carry the pretense of literal death, rather it speaks of a psychological death of self as we grow, change and are ‘born anew’.

    It is incredibly difficult to let go of deeply ingrained behaviors and beliefs, and oftentimes we must experience a psychological cycle of death and rebirth to become better equipped to walk a fulfilling life path. Death counsels that spiritual growth may bring pain, but each time we experience this pain we are born anew; stronger than before. When attempting to overcome a trial, we must confront this figurative death with resolve and pass through it with courage. Embrace inner change and allow yourself to transition into a stronger version of yourself.

    You are also cautioned to be conscious of the fear of change, as it often leads to a stagnation that prevents the cycle of psychological death and rebirth.

  • MROH
    Card zero
    The Fool

    When The Fool visits you, know that it is a sign to embrace an opportunity with enthusiasm and optimism. The Fool calls for courage and trust in yourself, both of which must be well-rooted before you can take a leap of faith and begin a new journey. This card often represents new opportunities within your career or relationships, but can also be a guide when you find yourself unable to choose a path where many are available.

    You may be caught at a crossroads, unable to see what lies ahead, and so you are left frozen in indecision. Drawing The Fool encourages you to take a deep breath and trust your foundational self; you may not be able to see the end of each road ahead, but the destination is only part of the journey. Choose a road that sparks your curiosity and forge ahead armed with the constructive feelings of anticipation, wonder, and awe.

    Know that The Fool is not guided by cold universal logic, but rather by curiosity and optimism within. Allow yourself to embrace your inner wonder and imagination, and if you are devoid of these feelings, The Fool counsels you to rediscover and reconnect with them.