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Focus Inward And Draw Your Cards

This Is A Three-Card Spread Based On The Major Arcana,
Structured In A Past/Present/Future Layout.
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  • MLPS
    Card one
    The Magician

    The Magician exists at a crossroads of science and the Self, flourishing in the realm of logic and understanding, and counsels you to practice discipline and self-control. It represents the infinite possibilities that open up to you when harnessing willpower and rationale within a creative mindset. The Magician also cautions against the temptations of power, control, and manipulation.

    Your hard work and natural capabilities provide opportunity, but using those gifts to control or manipulate others will only taint the rewards life brings to you. Focus your will and hone the tools at your disposal, for the situation at hand requires disciplined action executed with calm conviction.

  • BXZF
    Card nine
    The Hermit

    The Hermit is a great wanderer of the inner landscape, eternally seeking knowledge of the self. A strong will and vast knowledge of the world alone is not enough to bring inner peace, and so The Hermit wanders through their unconscious mind in search of understanding.

    Know that the path to locate your inner voice is one of solitude. The dark night of your unconscious must be walked alone, void of the voices and desires of those around you. Only when true solitude has been achieved will the bright northern star of your inner voice lead you to your destination.

    This card counsels you to provide yourself a space where you can be truly alone with your thoughts. By allowing yourself to contemplate and self-reflect without distraction, you uncover a clear path to decisions aligned with your true, authentic self.

  • UZDQ
    Card six
    The Lovers

    The Lovers symbolize a significant union of opposing forces, and tend to show themselves when matters of trust, unity, and harmony are at hand. This could be in regards to a relationship with another, with the self, or with a decision that impacts either of these. Drawing The Lovers can indicate that a relationship in question - whether rooted in romantic feelings, friendship, or professional partnership - is strong and will serve you both well as long as it is mutually maintained.

    The Lovers counsel that, above all, you should be true to yourself. Only once you are unified internally can you be truly authentic to those with whom you share a relationship. Fostering an environment of trust provides confidence and strength for both parties, empowering each of you to reach your full potential, in autonomy and unity alike.

    In a more abstract sense, drawing this card can represent the concept of choice itself, often between things that are opposing and yet mutually exclusive. Focus inward and think deeply about the subject while being true to yourself. An important decision is at hand.