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Focus Inward And Draw Your Cards

This Is A Three-Card Spread Based On The Major Arcana,
Structured In A Past/Present/Future Layout.
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  • ZUDQ
    Card three
    The Empress

    The Empress is maternal intuition and manifestation embodied; a symbol of the powerful divine feminine in us all. She is driven by her desire to nurture her kingdom and foster a space for creativity and compassion, and can symbolize a connection with Mother Earth itself.

    When The Empress crosses your path, know that she represents abundance and blessings, whether it be a windfall or boon of your own creating. Now is the time to reap your rewards and share them with those nearest and dearest to you.

    The Empress also calls on you to embrace your empathetic nature and open yourself to circumstances that bring life, happiness, and delight. This empathy has a place both within you and without, so be kind to yourself and remember that your needs are just as important as the needs of those you care for.

  • MLPS
    Card one
    The Magician

    The Magician exists at a crossroads of science and the Self, flourishing in the realm of logic and understanding, and counsels you to practice discipline and self-control. It represents the infinite possibilities that open up to you when harnessing willpower and rationale within a creative mindset. The Magician also cautions against the temptations of power, control, and manipulation.

    Your hard work and natural capabilities provide opportunity, but using those gifts to control or manipulate others will only taint the rewards life brings to you. Focus your will and hone the tools at your disposal, for the situation at hand requires disciplined action executed with calm conviction.

  • DOFG
    Card twenty

    Heed the call of Judgement, for it signifies that the time is right for reflection, evaluation, and action. We are reminded that our choices compound, and each time we make a key life decision, the course of our journey is shifted permanently. Now is a time where those choices catch up with us and we are called by Judgement to take stock, reflect, and gain closure.

    Know that mourning lost opportunity is healthy and necessary for closure. This is a valid part of self-reflection and processing your journey. Committing to self-actualized change and growth promises a more fulfilling life, and the rewards are always worth the process.

    This card also cautions you to answer Judgement’s call with foresight. Avoid mistaking the desires of society or those around you for a true call by taking time to self-reflect in the silence of the Self.