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Focus Inward And Draw Your Cards

This Is A Three-Card Spread Based On The Major Arcana,
Structured In A Past/Present/Future Layout.
Peer Into Your Fate…
  • KOOE
    Card fourteen

    Temperance counsels you to moderate yourself intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Any action or inaction must be measured and appropriate to the issue at hand. Through patience and moderation you will allow yourself to act with calm confidence, aware of the effect your actions will have.

    When a time of great stress and anxiety occurs, task yourself with creating an environment of complete balance within yourself. Avoid any extreme action that has not been carefully weighed, as you may risk the stability of more than you realize in this moment.

    This card also cautions you to beware of extremes in behavior or expectations. Both fearful inaction and spontaneous overreaction will be detrimental to the matter at hand, so focus inward and strive for balance in your preparation and response.

  • ZUDQ
    Card three
    The Empress

    The Empress is maternal intuition and manifestation embodied; a symbol of the powerful divine feminine in us all. She is driven by her desire to nurture her kingdom and foster a space for creativity and compassion, and can symbolize a connection with Mother Earth itself.

    When The Empress crosses your path, know that she represents abundance and blessings, whether it be a windfall or boon of your own creating. Now is the time to reap your rewards and share them with those nearest and dearest to you.

    The Empress also calls on you to embrace your empathetic nature and open yourself to circumstances that bring life, happiness, and delight. This empathy has a place both within you and without, so be kind to yourself and remember that your needs are just as important as the needs of those you care for.

  • ONSV
    Card Thirteen

    Death is the universal conclusion for all living things; a great equalizer and balancing force within the universe, and yet it is also the beginning of new life. This card does not carry the pretense of literal death, rather it speaks of a psychological death of self as we grow, change and are ‘born anew’.

    It is incredibly difficult to let go of deeply ingrained behaviors and beliefs, and oftentimes we must experience a psychological cycle of death and rebirth to become better equipped to walk a fulfilling life path. Death counsels that spiritual growth may bring pain, but each time we experience this pain we are born anew; stronger than before. When attempting to overcome a trial, we must confront this figurative death with resolve and pass through it with courage. Embrace inner change and allow yourself to transition into a stronger version of yourself.

    You are also cautioned to be conscious of the fear of change, as it often leads to a stagnation that prevents the cycle of psychological death and rebirth.