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Focus Inward And Draw Your Cards

This Is A Three-Card Spread Based On The Major Arcana,
Structured In A Past/Present/Future Layout.
Peer Into Your Fate…
  • OOHU
    Card seven
    The Chariot

    The Chariot is a symbol of boldness and victory; a call to reign in your competitive nature and harness it to overcome the challenge at hand. Drawing this card counsels you to maintain focus and embrace your determination and courage as you approach your goal. Embracing structure and order within your planning will serve you well here, but you must remember to remain flexible and adaptive as the path to victory is often riddled with unexpected twists and turns.

    Know that even though your issue’s landscape is vast and fraught with distractions, understanding yourself and controlling your passions will allow for greater control of the battlefield. Approach the issue at hand like a general preparing for battle - your focus, determination, and boldness will carry you to your target like an arrow in flight.

  • ONSV
    Card Thirteen

    Death is the universal conclusion for all living things; a great equalizer and balancing force within the universe, and yet it is also the beginning of new life. This card does not carry the pretense of literal death, rather it speaks of a psychological death of self as we grow, change and are ‘born anew’.

    It is incredibly difficult to let go of deeply ingrained behaviors and beliefs, and oftentimes we must experience a psychological cycle of death and rebirth to become better equipped to walk a fulfilling life path. Death counsels that spiritual growth may bring pain, but each time we experience this pain we are born anew; stronger than before. When attempting to overcome a trial, we must confront this figurative death with resolve and pass through it with courage. Embrace inner change and allow yourself to transition into a stronger version of yourself.

    You are also cautioned to be conscious of the fear of change, as it often leads to a stagnation that prevents the cycle of psychological death and rebirth.

  • BXZF
    Card nine
    The Hermit

    The Hermit is a great wanderer of the inner landscape, eternally seeking knowledge of the self. A strong will and vast knowledge of the world alone is not enough to bring inner peace, and so The Hermit wanders through their unconscious mind in search of understanding.

    Know that the path to locate your inner voice is one of solitude. The dark night of your unconscious must be walked alone, void of the voices and desires of those around you. Only when true solitude has been achieved will the bright northern star of your inner voice lead you to your destination.

    This card counsels you to provide yourself a space where you can be truly alone with your thoughts. By allowing yourself to contemplate and self-reflect without distraction, you uncover a clear path to decisions aligned with your true, authentic self.