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This Is A Three-Card Spread Based On The Major Arcana,
Structured In A Past/Present/Future Layout.
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  • QKLX
    Card fifteen
    The Devil

    The Devil often represents negative forces that prevent you from embracing your best self, both from within and without. Common embodiments of this cycle are unhealthy relationships, dependencies, bad habits and any behaviors that are detrimental to yourself and those around you. This imbalance may leave you feeling trapped in a cycle of highs and lows, perpetually chasing quick fixes while never truly addressing the root of unhappiness or pain that exists beneath the surface.

    When this card shows itself, know that it is a sign to slow down and self-reflect; there is power in identifying where your personal growth has been stunted. This self-awareness will become a powerful tool for restoration, and provide a sense of balance that can act as a foundation for growth, if not total harmony. Examine what is in your nature that creates discomfort and pain, and let that knowledge serve you in righting your relationship with yourself.

  • LYJO
    Card ten
    Wheel Of Fortune

    The Wheel Of Fortune is a boundless universal machine, perpetually spinning according to the mystifying whims of the universe. Its design is wholly unfathomable and yet unavoidable, and so we are forced to accept its turning, while striving to flourish as its blessings and tragedies are made apparent. It is a symbol of navigating change and adapting.

    The Wheel counsels that we remain centered and secure within our inner self, for no matter how the wheel shifts, we live at its center rather than at its mercy.

    This may be a sign to cherish and celebrate a wonderful situation you find yourself in, using it to shore up your emotional resilience and embrace a period of growth. And when hard times inevitably come knocking, arm yourself with that pliability and weather the storm, for relief is a wheel’s turn away.

  • JCYE
    Card eighteen
    The Moon

    The Moon is a mirror reflecting your subconscious, showing you the image of your inner anxieties and doubts, as well as the reality surrounding you. This is a time to look at both reflections and compare them, defining what is real and what is a discomfort of your own making.

    Do not allow yourself to be deceived by the reflection, The Moon cautions. Identify your worries and concerns, drag them to the surface, and hold them up to the reality around you. Temper your worry with the understanding that your intuition is a powerful tool that provides a path to clarity, and like the light of a full moon, it will guide you down that path.

    This card can also represent the existence of a great illusion in your life - one which you may not yet be aware of. Trust your intuition and proceed with confidence in your sense of self and boundaries.